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Lavender has many uses from being a beautiful and fragrant garden plant to being a pocket first aid kit and everything in-between!


Queen Elizabeth I, allegedly, insisted a jar of lavender preserve should be on the table for every meal. Culinary Lavender posses the wonderful quality of not only having a sublime, soothing fragrance, but being equally as scrumptious in sweet and savoury foods.


Lavender has a distinct herbal edge, similar to rosemary and thyme (it makes a wonderful alternative to either) and is incredibly versatile in savoury dishes. Although, when culinary lavender is infused with cream, sugar, butter or chocolate the delicious dessert possibilities are endless, just check out our recipe page.


For more information on the delights of culinary lavender, take a look at this article –


May 14, 2013 — Lavender World
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