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Summary: Your wedding day is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life. Why not then consider a lavender wedding theme as what plant or flower is more memorable than the purple hued and heady fragranced lavender?

Everyone loves a wedding; the music, the laughter, the beautiful bride and tearful mother of the bride are all common sights and sounds and are all part of the overall magic that is your wedding day. Nowadays most couples have a theme to their wedding, adding an extra layer of something special that makes their wonderful day that little bit more unique and personal to themselves.

Lavender, a herb which is commonly seen across the UK and Europe, with its unmissable blue / purple flowers and unmistakeable yet much loved fragrance is the perfect addition to a wedding theme. Whether you are looking for blue, purple, lavender, natural, fragrance-led or traditional themes the chances are that lavender will fit the bill.

Perhaps because it is known as the love herb (there are many suggestions regarding why it is known this way yet no-one seems to know for certain) lavender works perfectly in a romantic theme. Being so versatile it may be easy to use throughout the day and even better, being a plant that commonly grows it won’t break the bank either.

Lavender bunches, whether they are fresh or dried look stunning as part of bouquets for the bridesmaids or even for the bride (and the colour looks fabulous against a traditional white or a cream gown). Similarly, they make handsome table decorations, either displayed proudly in a vase or as part of a crafted centre piece; perhaps woven around a candle.

Lavender dried flower confetti is a new and very pretty alternative to rice or printed pieces of paper and for outside the church it doesn’t need to be swept up either as they are a truly natural product. Offering little bags of lavender confetti to guests as they enter the church is another way to integrate this gorgeous and timeless plant into your theme.

If you are looking for wedding favour boxes UK or abroad then lavender works here too. Lavender is frequently used as an ingredient in cookery and lavender and honey shortcake is simply wonderful. Wrapped up and put in favour boxes they make wonderfully tasty and theme specific gifts. Other lavender related favour ideas include lavender soaps and shower gels (homemade or bought), lavender fudge or even a simple sprig or two with a white ribbon with the wedding date and details on which may be pressed or dried to keep as a lovely fragrant reminder of the day.

A lavender wedding theme is just perfect. It is budget-friendly, beautiful, fragrant and so versatile making lavender the perfect accompaniment to any wedding.

*Lavender is also very well known for its mood-lifting properties therefore if you accidentally seat Great Aunt Maud next to Aunt Flo who haven’t spoken in years the magical scent may just cool tempers and keep everyone mellow.



Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/549720698236268365/

June 03, 2013 — Lavender World
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