The weather we have had this year has been absolutely glorious and nothing has thrived quite like our lavender plants.  Due to the unseasonably warm Spring and June, lavender plants have taken on an almost bionic size.

With this wonderful weather comes an additional bonus, not only will your lavender plants have grown but you would have seen an influx of buzzy bees and stunning butterflies to your garden.

Even now, after your lavender plants have been cut, there is still a great deal this English garden staple has to offer you, we have compiled some our favourite uses for your harvested lavender below.



Lavender Bunches – When you harvest your lavender all you need to do is dry your lavender stems, and either pop some ribbon around a bunch of your stems, or pop them in a vase or decorative jug, this will fill your home with the distinctive scent of lavender, while providing you with a decoration that will last and last.



Loose Lavender – If you prefer you can remove the buds from your stems to create your own lavender bags or even an alternative to pot pourri.

If you like both of the above ideas, why not do a mixture, use some of your stems to create some wonderful decorations for your home and the remaining stems to create your own loose dried lavender.

October 03, 2014 — Lavender World
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