Kick-starting Your Spring Clean with Lavender

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Lavender World

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Spring has well and truly sprung and with this comes the dreaded spring clean! Now, I try my absolute best to keep everything looking squeaky clean, but when winter is in full swing, keeping warm takes priority. So, now is the time to open the windows, swing open the doors and roll up your sleeves! Now, cleaning doesn’t have to be an absolute chore, there is an upside.

I have tried and tested the majority of kitchen sprays that are on the market, and some of them are fabulous, however the majority of them either cost an absolute fortune or have more chemicals in than a nuclear waste plant, to prevent these nasty chemicals interfering with your cleaning regime, why not make your own kitchen spray, it really isn’t as tough as it sounds!

So, now onto the fun part, creating this grime busting super spray.

Lemon and Lavender Kitchen Spray

Lemon and bicarbonate of soda are classic cleaning partners, the acid of the lemon and the alkali of the bicarb producing vigorous fizzing. Lavender essential oil not only smells divine but is a natural bactericide.

Squeeze the juice of three lemons into a mixing jug and add three teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda.

When the fizzing dies down, add one drop of washing-up liquid, three drops of lavender essential oil and enough water to top the bottle (around one part lemon mixture to two parts water). Stir well and use immediately.

Verdict: A sublime natural scent of lemons and lavender made this spray a real joy to use. I made it in around three minutes at a cost of about 97 pence. It works well for wiping down lightly soiled work surfaces and dining tables but is not heavy-duty enough for tea and wine stains.

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