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There is nothing quite like the heavy yet sweet fragrance of a mix of florals when heat from the sun warms the petals and the air is delightful scented. Flowers and plants help to build the very essence of summer, with their colour, the insects they attract and of course their delightful scents.

Sadly summer doesn’t last nearly long enough for most people and before we know it the temperatures start to drop and the flowers start to fall asleep, ready for the long winter sleep. Thankfully we needn’t forget our floral mid-year scents until the next summer comes around as it is easy to keep the fragrances of summer flowing with pot pourri.

Once the end of the summer has arrived why not dry out your precious blooms so that they may be used to fragrance your home? Pot pourri has been used in homes around the world for many years and is most definitely a healthier and more natural option that aerosol spray air fresheners which are full of chemicals. Lavender makes a great choice for drying and displaying, not least because of its striking purple/blue colour and of course the heady yet not overpowering scent which is extremely familiar due to how wonderful it smells.

Lavender features in many gardens in the UK being such a hardy flower which looks so very attractive. Other home grown flowers that make great pot pourri choices are rose, geranium and indeed any strongly scented blooms or garden matter which has a citrusy, floral or perhaps a herby-like scent.

While the main objective is to keep the fragrances of summer flowing with pot pourri, drying your own scented flowers also provides you with a satisfying hobby which produces highly attractive looking materials which when displayed in the right way look highly decorative. Bowls of dried flowers, unusual jars or vases filled with this natural fragrant treat look fabulous around the home.

Making pot pourri couldn’t be easier. Flowers, take lavender for example are picked and then dried either by being hung in a warm, dry environment or by laying them out on a rack and covering them in adsorbent paper, turning occasionally until done. For variety mix dried flowers with other leaves and dried garden matter such as pine cones in order to make the mixture interesting to look at.

Some people choose to use a fixative such as orris root which makes the natural scent of the dried flowers last longer. It is possible however to spray the pot pourri with essential oils if their scent needs to be refreshed.

When it comes to the end of the summer and you find yourself lamenting the loss of the summer fragrances that your flowers so beautifully provide then why not try making your own pot pourri and experiment with different combinations and colours? Doing this enables you to enjoy summer fragrance all year round.

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August 09, 2013 — Lavender World
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