Invasion of the Carpet Moth!

Posted on May 30, 2013 by Lavender World



For those of you who are not familiar with the humble carpet moth, who has an insatiable appetite for any natural material (a nice expensive wool carpet should do the trick.) I would count your blessings.

Having attempted to fight off more than one invasion, my parents were at the end of their tether, wondering how to get rid of carpet moths! Not only have the pesky little critters eaten half of the wool carpet in the house, they have now entered my mum’s dressing room, which as I am sure us ladies can agree with is just one step too far!

So the battle lines have been drawn, plan moth vs man is now under way in my parents house. They had their concerns about using the multiple chemical products on the market and wanted to try a more natural approach to moth control.

This is where I come in, knowing all the wonderful things that can be done with Lavender in all its forms, I had a moment of inspiration and thought “I wonder if dried lavender would do the trick?” well I can safely say that dried lavender can do more than fill our lovely scented pillows.

After sprinkling the carpet with dried lavender, making the perfect moth trap and leaving it for a few hours/days (the longer the better)the carpet moth’s have been stopped in their tracks, my dad is adamant that the lavender has made them so relaxed that they can no longer muster up the energy to ravage the carpet, so taking advantage of their Lavender induced nap time, he simply Hoovers them up and empties the hoover bag, ensuring that when/if they wake up they will not be feasting on any more wool carpet!

My parents have taken great joy in getting rid of the moths naturally (while making the house smell divine) they did not have to resort to fumigation or any nasty chemicals. The old ways certainly are the best!

If you are struggling with carpet moths, why not try our some of our dried lavender, the perfect moth repellent  –



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