I’m Dreaming of a White Spring Garden

Posted on December 23, 2013 by Lavender World


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With Christmas just around the corner I am always reminded of Christmases gone by which involved a blanket of perfectly white snow. I adore the Christmas season and winter in general for several reasons, namely that my fire can be used on a daily basis, that its perfectly acceptable to drink a nice mulled wine before 7pm and of course the promise of snow.

I know that snow is not always guaranteed at Christmas, but I can live in hope! If however snow does not make an appearance I can feel safe in the knowledge that come spring my garden will look just as beautiful as a snow laden winter garden and that is all down to the beautiful Edelweiss Lavender.

Edelweiss is by far my absolute favourite lavender plant, not only does is look absolutely glorious it is incredibly rich in nectar which makes it an absolute must for busy bees and butterflies who will hover above the flowers from June though to August.


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As an added extra, this stunning white lavender looks absolutely magical when dried and mixed with some traditional purple lavender such as Hidcote or Intermedia Grosso.

Whichever lavender you choose one thing is certain, your garden will be an absolute joy not only to look at but to be in with friends and family on a nice warm summer’s evening.


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