How to plan the perfect Baby Shower with Lavender

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After that nail biting 3 minute wait to find out whether you are bringing new life into the world, every plan and idea you have for your little one rushes through your mind.

Should I have a baby shower?, how will I decorate my nursery? What nursery bedding should I have? What theme shall I go with? To name a few.

Whether you are planning your own baby shower, or have a friend or family member organising it for you, it could not be simpler to plan a beautiful, elegant baby shower using Lavender.

For your baby shower invitations why not use a muted grey card with lavender detailing, not only will this look stunning it is also gender neutral.

For the baby shower gifts, why not give your guests a lavender pillow to take away with them, the scent is so beautiful and will also be a personal memento from the day for them to keep.

When providing food for your guests why not use Lavender Cupcakes as your centrepiece? Or if you’re doing a gender reveal cake, use a simple cake design decorated with sprigs of lavender to add an elegant touch to your big reveal. For the refreshments try a blueberry and lavender lemonade, not only is it refreshing but absolutely delicious as well.

Lavender can even be used in your baby shower decorations, whether you use a sprinkling of dried lavender on your tables, lavender plants as your table centrepieces, a sprig of lavender in your napkins or even some lavender tea lights to create a soothing relaxing atmosphere.

There are so many ways in which lavender can be used at your baby shower, for further inspiration check out these stunning Lavender Themed Baby Showers –



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