At one point or another I am sure we have all missed a meal, whether we have skipped breakfast or forgotten to eat lunch.

The one main luxury we have is that if we were to forget a meal, we would always be able to find something in our cupboards or pop down the shops to replenish, this is something which is taken for granted on a daily basis.

We work alongside the Friends of Chinsta NPO who set up The School Feeding Scheme project to address the needs of children attending rural schools in South Africa.

With Every Bunch Buys Lunch you can make a difference to the lives of children on the east coast of South Africa who do not have the luxury of being able to skip any meal, as any meal being provided is scarce. This is where you come in, with every bouquet of fresh flowers you purchase from us, you will be providing a full meal to a child that needs it, allowing the children to concentrate on their studies instead of their tummies.

Why School Meals?

It is a well known fact that children who have at least one full meal a day learn more effectively in turn increasing their academic success.
A full meal which is provided at school will increase the child’s chances of fighting malnutrition.
Using locally sourced food benefits not only the school feeding program but also the local community and local farmers.

With just a little support the Friends of Chinsta are providing over 40,000 meals per year from a fully operational kitchen which employs a cook, purchases food while maintaining and purchasing cooking equipment. As you can see a real difference is being made already.

So the next time you are about to purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers for that special someone, or just because, why not purchase them from us while making a lasting difference to the children of Chinsta. http://www.lavenderworld.co.uk/flower-bouquets/fresh-flower-bouquets

For more information please visit this link – http://www.lavenderworld.co.uk/every-bunch-buys-lunch



June 06, 2013 — Lavender World
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