How ethical gardening can help you live a better life

Posted on July 29, 2013 by Lavender World



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With us consumers being increasingly aware of our carbon footprint, it is time we make our gardens “greener”.

I am sure that at some point, like me your garden has become more of a plastic plant pot graveyard than an oasis to relax in! But fear not there are alternatives! Biodegradable plant pots are a great way to make your garden eco friendly. Instead of the mountain of plastic you can now purchase plant pots which last a few months and can be planted straight into the ground, these will break down and add lots of lovely nutrients to your soil or the slightly more rigid pots (made from things such as carnauba palm leaves) can last for several years and can even be added to the compost heap!





Another way to wave the eco friendly wand over your garden is buy planting trees or a hedge in place of a traditional fence, use rainwater from a barrel instead of always turning on the hose, you could even make your own wormery.

Not only will your garden reap the rewards of your hard work, you will too! If you grow your own vegetables, you know that there are no nasty chemicals lurking on them and can enjoy the fruits of your labour with a clear conscience.

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