From killing a Cactus to thriving Lavender!

Posted on August 13, 2013 by Lavender World

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(Please excuse the Cocker Spaniel, as you can see he loves the lavender as much as I do!)


I am willing to admit that I have not always been the most accomplished of gardeners, I am sure I may have been able to kill off an artificial plant if given half the chance!

I remember moving into my first home and being given some type of cactus from a very dear friend, now almost everyone I know is aware of my lacklustre gardening skills, so they assumed even I couldn’t kill a cactus. Unfortunately several months later the cactus was no more. Since that day I have stayed away caring for any type of plant for the simple fact that even with the best will in the world I knew that it would meet a rather untimely demise.

So several years later while relaxing in my garden and noticing how bare my flower beds looked, I decided now was the time to brave the task of getting some plants into the ground.

I did my research and found that Lavender Plants were pretty robust and took such little up keep that my mind was made up. After searching online at Lavenderworld I decided that I needed a larger flower bed, there were so many beautiful lavender plants to choose from that it took me several days to decide, I eventually settled on the stunning white Edelweiss Lavender and the Intermedia Grosso Lavender.

After informing Lavenderworld of my numerous gardening failings and the Lavender that I wanted, I was given wonderful advice on my chosen plants, placed my order and nervously awaited their arrival.

As soon as they arrived it was like Christmas had come early!  I carefully unwrapped each plant and placed them in the flower bed, alternating between the white Edelweiss and purple Grosso.

Once they were planted I was feeling optimistic, to be honest they looked fantastic already! I watered them everyday for 3 weeks and I am amazed at how they have come along, the beautiful white flowers mixed with the purple flowers feels me with pride every morning, partially due to the fact that I managed to finally find a plant that even I couldn’t kill but more importantly they looked magnificent and made the hugest impact on my garden.

I can safely say that after many trials and tribulations with gardening in the past, these lavender plants have renewed my interest in not only maintaining my garden, but they have also inspired me to purchase other plants for my flower beds.

I am almost certain that if I can grow these little miracle plants anyone can!


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(After several weeks of the most minimal maintenance)

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