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Eating Local Honey to stop your allergies

Written by Lavender World


Posted on May 25 2013


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Winter has been and gone and next on the agenda is Spring, which sounds wonderful (weather permitting) but a sense of dread fills those of us that suffer with our allergies.

While allergy free people are skipping through their gardens, taking in each and every beautiful, fragrant flower us allergy sufferers normally have to take a concoction of antihistamines while never leaving home without out our trusty Kleenex travel pack.

But fear not help is at hand! Head down to your local shop and pick up some local honey. Why honey I hear you ask, well this delicious treat is produced by bees usually within a few miles of where we live, the closer the better! The proximity between you and your local honey is key, it increases the chances that the varieties of flowering plants that give us so much trouble, are the same kinds that those clever little bees are including in the honey that they produce.

Get ready to say goodbye to a runny Nose, sore Eyes and headaches, without the need for over the counter medication.

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