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Does your home need a pick-me-up? Here are some tips to have a clean-smelling house without the wheezing and sneezing.

If like me you have a dog (or any pet for that matter) then keeping your home smelling fresh and clean can be like pushing water up a hill! To control pet odours I tend to groom my dog outside (weather permitting) and I clean his bed at least once every 2 weeks, now you may not have to be this invasive but I am the proud owner of a Cocker spaniel who tends to frequent the horses in the paddock.

I also use a delightful lavender home fragrance, a great bonus is that it seems to calm down my dog while making him smell amazing.

I stopped using plug in air freshener’s around 3 years ago, I found their scent to be far too strong and they apparently cost £1 a day to use which doesn’t sound like a great deal, but this coupled with the chemicals in them made me want to steer clear of them!

A wonderful alternative to these chemical nasties are Dried Lavender, reed diffusers, home fragrance oils and a good quality home fragrance spray.

You can add your dried lavender to little bowls around your home and top the fragrance up with lavender essential oil, the dried lavender will make your home feel like a relaxing haven!

With Home Fragrance oils you will get a clean uninterrupted aroma that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. There are dozens of scents to choose from such as Baby Powder, Vanilla Bourbon, Sweet Honeysuckle and many, many more. The wonderful thing about Home Fragrance oils is the fact that they give off a delicate scent that lasts, as opposed to the strong chemical scent of other air fresheners.

As you can see there are some lovely alternatives to Home Fragrance that are a more natural alternative to the chemical filled air fresheners that are on the market.

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