Decades Worth of Lavender Growing Experience in 3 Simple Steps

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Lavender World

Here at LavenderWorld, we’re lucky to have our lavender shipped out to all kinds of great gardeners throughout the country. Good lavender adds both beauty and fragrance to any garden. Yet, despite the plants hardiness, we know that not everyone has success in planting and successfully growing lavender long term.


  Our nursery employees have heard a number of stories from a few gardeners across the UK who tell us all about their “lavender” frustrations. Ironically, we’ve discovered that the most common reason for a lack of success with your lavender is actually too much love… lavender doesn’t like too much attention. That may seem odd to say about any plant that you’ve just planted in your garden but lavender truly is so hardy that it requires minimal effort. In fact, too much watering or applying feed will actually harm the plant! But after more than 30 years of growing and offering this majestic beauty, we’ve created a system for care that produces beautiful, fragrant lavender year after year.

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Producing the Best Lavender

Here’s what we have found helps us produce lavender we can be proud of each season, whatever that may bring… STEP 1 – Plant in a full sun area with well-drained, light and airy soil. This Mediterranean plant thrives on heat and sun, not moisture. So consider planting at the top of your hilly areas as opposed to places where water may accumulate from rain. Lavender wants arid conditions. STEP 2 – Simply water for the first 2 – 3 weeks until your plants are established in the ground. After that, unless there’s no rain for months, don’t water it! Lavender is a very drought resistant plant and actually thrives on LESS water. STEP 3 – Then cut back once a year in mid-September to prevent the plant from going woody. Cut back roughly 1″ above the old, hard wood. This helps the plant to generate new growth before the winter sets in and also leaves a lovely mounded plant.

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Aside from that once a year trim, lavender needs practically no care at all from you in order to flourish. You’ll find that once its established, the less you do, the healthier the plant will become.

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  Now that the soil is warming up, June & July are the perfect time to plant your lavender! Getting your plants established in the ground over the coming weeks will give them a chance to get established this year. And remember, lavender wants less attention than you might think.  The dryer the conditions, the happier your plant will be.

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