Colours of Lavender

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Lavender World


With the beautiful spring weather expected to make an appearance any time now (fingers crossed), it’s the perfect time to add the vibrant and vivid colours that Lavender plants bring to our garden; and don’t just think of the traditional purple colour, different varieties can introduce beautiful, gentle pinks and elegant whites.



The delicate pink of Angustifolia Rosea (height 60cm) can bring a subtle but beautiful variation of traditional lavender, with its unmistakable shape and fragrance, Rosea is a great choice to add colour to a hedge row or used alongside the more traditional purple plants and the white plants in the next section.




White lavenders such as Intermedia Edelweiss (height 60cm) and Angustifolia Arctic Snow (height 60cm) can offer a different dynamic in your garden. Their sparkling white flowers stand out against the backdrop of other plants and other varieties of lavender.

Arctic Snow

Classic Purple

Of course there are the classic, traditional English varieties we know and love; Angustifolia Hidcote (height 35-45cm) and Angustifolia Imperial Gem (height 40cm) produce those stunning purple flowers in the style of lavender we are all familiar with. Often breathtaking on their own, try adding the varieties above to these favourites, to create a mix of gorgeous colours in your garden.



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