Although it’s one of the coldest months of the year, there are still some hardy plants that give us a fantastic array of colour in February. By planning ahead you can make sure that next year your February garden displays more than evergreen shrubs and bald borders.Our trips around the garden are becoming more frequent as we examine the ground for signs of spring, the snowdrops and crocus give us the signals we seek, and we all rejoice as we see the daffodils sprouting.

Create Instant Colour Now

Instant colour in February is quite easy as long as the ground is manageable. If not water logged or frozen your local garden centre will have a new selection of plants for you to choose from. Heathers are a wonderful way to bring brightness to any dull day, and now as the disco heather are in fashion, you can extend your colour palette to include luminescent greens, pinks and even blues.Heathers will thrive in a peat soil, their beds need careful preparation for them to survive for long, however once established they will reward you with pink and white foliage long after the spray paint has worn off.Many garden centres will be preparing their plug plants making it even easier for you to create your instant garden in a moment!

The Alpine Garden

Against a cold dreary background we all notice aubrietia trailing down a wall on a winter walk. It seems quite out of place in a month usually so devoid of colour as it covers rocks with tiny flowers in a myriad of primary colours. There are so many varieties to choose from that whole alpine beds can benefit from a selection, and planting from seed is quick and simple making this a winter plant of choice.Saxifrage is another wonderful addition to an alpine garden, although delicate to plant, once established it will grow in crevices giving pompoms of rich burgundy flowers above a bouncy carpet of emerald green leaves. 

The Fruit Garden

Any garden benefits from a fruit tree here and there, not just because of the harvest they produce but also to add colour in the winter months. It’s at this time of year that we are blessed with the blossom of the cherry, whether ornamental or fruiting, you cannot deny the magnificent stately presence of this tree.

The Aromatic Garden

If the ground is not frozen lavender can be planted now, there are a wonderful collection of French lavenders that flower in purples, pinks and blues. Rosemary complements these fragrant blooms perfectly giving an evergreen display that stands proudly against any backdrop. Alpine rosemary’s will be adorned with tiny blue flowers which make them not only versatile in the kitchen but aesthetically pleasing too.Although the choice is a little more limited for colour in a February garden, it’s worth remembering that every month has its green fingered benefits so should not be ignored. The more pleasing the landscape from the kitchen window, the more likely you are to venture outside, so this year plan an all year round garden that never goes to sleep.

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February 07, 2012 — Lavender World
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