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The wedding season primarily takes place between the late spring and the end of the summer. While these dates are perfect for then jetting off for a summer honeymoon and there is a better chance of good weather on the day, it also means that venues book up very quickly and far in advance.

More and more brides and grooms are choosing an autumn or even a winter wedding which opens the door to a range of new and exciting wedding themes and presumably makes it easier to book that much wanted venue. Autumn weddings are especially particularly magical for a variety of reasons.

Autumn is traditionally associated with gold, red and yellow colours and often these form a large part of an autumnal themed wedding day and reception. Autumn bouquets are especially magical however when they include lavender.

Lavender is actually known as the herb of love therefore what flower could be more fitting than lavender to include in the bride’s bouquet? Lavender in the autumn has usually ceased blooming however dried lavender looks equally stunning, maintain the same vivid colouring and also shares the familiar yet comforting scent that comes from this favourite flower.

Lavender calm the nerves and de-stresses somewhat according to many therefore having the bride, who is possibly nervous at the very least inhale this calming aroma will certainly do no harm.

Lavender plays a large part in many autumnal bouquets, working beautifully with a range of other colours such as greens, gold, blues, whites and creams to name a few. It is no wonder that these flowers have become so popular for weddings that take place later on in year.

Lavender is also extremely inexpensive. While no-one wants to penny pinch for their big day lavender is commonly grown around the UK, in back gardens and in garden centres and by lavender specialists which means that it is relatively inexpensive, especially if sourced from your own garden. Weddings are expensive enough and using such a beautiful yet easy to get hold of flower as the main part of the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets is a fabulously frugal idea.

Adding lavender to your autumn bouquets couldn’t be easier as these fragrant bunches are easily dried at home. Simply hang cut bunches from the ceiling in a warm dry place to dry out and let the florist or your own floral arranger does their magic.

As well as using lavender as part of the bouquets this floral theme often extends to table centres and wedding favours for guests which makes this versatile flower so loveable by brides and grooms to be.

An autumn wedding floral arrangement which includes lavender may be extremely rustic or plush and luxurious, whichever one suits the bride and groom best is easy to arrange. As a firm favourite to many people it is no wonder that lavender is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used flowers in autumn wedding bouquets.


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August 15, 2013 — Lavender World
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