Decorating the garden with paint is not high on the list of many people’s priorities as plants and flowers usually do this naturally anyway. However, in our garden, the plants are young with mature trees and nettles providing the only colour.

As it’s quite large, the bedding plants have yet to make an impact and the tulips that did offer colour are now dying back before the gladioli take over, so in a second of madness I decided to let the children loose with some paint.

The ducks have settled in nicely to the Wendy house previous owners left behind but despite their lavender nature they really weren’t bursting with colour. This is when last sunny Saturday we raided the cellar for those last drops of paint incapable of covering an entire wall.

Armed with whites, purple, blue and green I set the children to work but still it didn’t seem colourful enough- it was time to break out the poster paints.

Where Did You Get That Stripy Paint?

We added orange and red to the whites and suddenly we had a rainbow of colour, ready to use as we pleased.

Poppy and Percy decided to don aprons which seemed like a sensible idea, at 2 and 8 they’re hardly the neatest painters in the world.

I left them too it as I planted a border of lupins and hollyhocks around the perimeter of the pen, hoping to snatch some summer colour that would return every year. In two hours they’d finished but they were difficult to find as they’d painted themselves so they would be camouflaged!

With messy brushes and a lot of paint left I took it upon myself to paint the shed, in various stripes of pastel shades and I’m very pleased with the results. It was a slapdash affair, yet this shed that is half rotten and falling to bits now looks like a weathered piece of art that embraces the style of shabby chic.

See the photos and decide if you absolutely love or hate the results, of course for a perfectly manicured garden, this may not be ideal but for a country retreat that has a focus on messy play and animals we think it fits in well.

All for Nothing

The whole job cost absolutely nothing and as it was fun we won’t care if the paint flakes or is damaged by ducks, yet it may be more resilient than we think.

Percy, averse to water in her eyes, still has a head of shocking green and yellow curls. We’ve washed and washed and brushed and brushed but the paint doesn’t want to disappear. She’s not yet had a haircut as her hair falls in such lovely corkscrews that it seems a shame to chop it off, so we’re hoping it comes off eventually in the bath.

You Can Leave Your Hat On!

It’s been a week now and today she attended the child minder’s with hair of this colour, which reminded us that living in the moors, we may not pay much attention to appearances but those in big cities like York do. I think she’ll be wearing a sun hat if the child-minder takes her out despite it being overcast today!


Image Source – http://pinterest.com/pin/294000681894869172/

June 19, 2013 — Lavender World
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