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When summer starts to wrap up it is time, around the end of August to the beginning of September to trim back the lavender in the garden. This will encourage the lavender to bloom as brilliantly the next year and keep your garden under control. Some varieties of lavender become quite brackish if they are not trimmed down which ruins the picturesque effect of these beautifully fragrant plants.

Having trimmed back the lavender gardeners are left with twigs and lavender flowers and there are many ways that these may be used for late summer decorations rather than being discarded onto the compost heap. These five ideas for late summer decorations using lavender are great for using garden leftovers.

1. Pot Pourri

This is an extremely easy way to use lavender flowers from the garden. Drying the flowers out doesn’t take too long and the process is not at all technical. Hang bunches of lavender from the ceiling in a warm room to dry or if using sweepings and gardening leftovers place the flowers on a tray and cover with an absorbent paper or similar. It is important to remember to turn the flowers regularly as they dry out. Use the pot pourri in bowls or vases for a decorative and fragrant home scent.

2. Dried Flower Art

This is a fabulous craft to do as an adult or with children. Dry out the lavender and any other twigs and leftovers from trimming back the plants and then find a blank canvas or similar backing material. The idea is to use the lavender to create a picture, either of a lavender branch as it appears in the garden or something more abstract. Use strong glue to fit the lavender materials to the backing and then hang somewhere that everyone will enjoy it.

3. Cooking with Lavender

There are a great number of fabulous sweet and savoury recipes which use lavender as an ingredient, either in its fresh or dried form. Lavender tea is an extremely tasty brew, especially when sweetened with a teaspoon of honey and is lovely enjoyed alongside lavender and lemon shortcake biscuits.

4. Stuffed Decorations

Dried lavender looks great in bowls however there are a number of additional uses which range from putting ground dried lavender into sachets to fragrance and freshen drawers to making scented decorations such as wall hats made from card, covered in fabric, stuffed with lavender and decorated with buttons, beads and ribbons. These make fabulous gifts as well as home decorations.

5. Lavender Bath Sachets

Not dissimilar to Lavender tea bags a great way to use up lavender trimmings is to make a lavender bath sachet. Sew a bag which has a drawstring at the top and fill with dried lavender. Run this bag under the taps for a wonderful scented lavender bath. Once used removed the flowers, wash and refill for next time. These look fabulous in a guest bathroom.

August 12, 2013 — Lavender World
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